Included in this bundle:

VERVE 2 Bay Freestanding Rig

Get your fit-out fast with our 2 Bay Freestanding Rig Package.

This package will give you the ultimate foundation for your commercial gym with one simple click! 

 The package comes complete with our commercial grade:

4 x 2.75m VERVE Rig Uprights
4 x 1.08m VERVE Rig Pull Up Bars

Modular and built for growth - you can easily add a variety of VERVE accessories and storage to your rig as you need them PLUS add extra bays as you expand.  Note that accessories, such as J-hooks, and storage are not included in this bundle (only the items listed above)

Check out all of the VERVE Optional accessories and storage for your Freestanding Rig HERE.

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