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Adjustable & FID Benches

VERVE is Australia's best supplier of FID Benches with the best quality range of adjustable benches to support you in your lifting and strength goals.


What is a FID Bench?

FID is short for Flat Incline Decline, another way of naming Adjustable Weight Benches. Unlike flat benches, FID benches are able to set in various incline and decline positions and are also able to stay flat. Usually they also have footpads to assist on decline exercises.

What exercises can I do on a FID Bench?

You can do all exercises you are able to perform on a flat bench, but add more range to it, hence more muscle development. The back support will also take stress of the lower back for shoulder press, dumbbell bicep curl and overhead tricep extensions. FID benches will also allow you to perform chest-supoorted rows and reverse flies.

What are the benefits of FID Adjustable Benches?

A FID bench will add greater exercise variety to your workout plan and it's ideal both for home and commercial use. It will also add more safety on your back for some shoulder press exercises. At VERVE, safety is our number one priority. For this reason, all of our gym equipment is put through rigorous quality assurance testing and has state-of-the-art safety features. You won't find a better quality FID bench on the market!"

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