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Gym Flooring

VERVE is Australia's most trusted supplier of Gym Flooring with affordable pricing to help you set up the perfect flooring for your home or commercial gym.


We have our EPDM Rubber Gym Flooring and the normal Rubber Gym Flooring.

The EPDM has a smooth finish and comes in black or grey fleck.

The rubber flooring has a texture finish where you can see all the rubber granules and it comes in a grey, black or red fleck.

One of the advantages of our 15mm thick rubber gym flooring is that it's shock-absorbent. So, it reduces noise, too. When you drop your barbell on our mats, the impact will be absorbed—and the concrete underneath your equipment will stay in great shape.

Gym Mats

These gym flooring mats are designed to be easy to install and move. They weigh 13 kg. Even if that may sound like a lot, don't worry.

They're super easy to move around! And the heavier they are, the harder it is for them to slide out of place, which means you can perform exercises with more confidence.

If you’re looking for durable and hard-wearing gym flooring, look no further than VERVE. Our range of gym flooring solutions come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any space.

We offer everything from resilient gym mats to commercial gym flooring!

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