VERVE Values

 What is VERVE?

\ ˈvərv \

1. great energy and enthusiasm, especially in performance

2. vigour, vitality and liveliness

3. special ability or talent

These are the values of VERVE® and they are the reason we exist. Our goal for you is that you bring more of your talent, presence of mind and unique ability into your training and your everyday life. At VERVE® we want you to reach higher and push yourself beyond the norm. Quite simply, "good enough", is not part of the VERVE® approach. You know there is more you can give and you're ready to unleash it. 

Sometimes we are taught to seek out compromise. Not us. We don't want you to compromise your health, your performance or your training. We hope you will uncompromisingly push to be your best.

VERVE® Equipment 

You hold your fitness equipment close to your body during some of the more challenging and rewarding moments of your life. It’s personal, sometimes even emotional as you struggle to perform a demanding movement, but then dig deep to find the strength and endurance you didn't know you had. At VERVE®, we aim to design equipment that you will love owning and look forward to training with as optimize your health and fitness. 

We only put our name to products we produce of the very highest quality. What drives us is to create products you'll look forward to seeing, feeling and holding. We are known for our barbells and being able to supply a premium branded finish to a gym. #loveyourfitnessequipment

Our Store

Although most of the products we carry are the VERVE® brand we design and manufacture, we also supply quality brands such as CONCEPT2, Trueform, MAVRIK and Assault Fitness (outside Australia)

We know that there are many other good suppliers where you can find fitness equipment. With this in mind, we constantly strive to offer you the best equipment, value and service available to help you in your fitness goals. We can supply throughout Europe or Worldwide and we are thankful each and every time you trust us with your business.

In your service,