All Saints Anglican School is serious about preparing young athletes for competition and for a high-performance future. From the staff, coaches, parents through to the wider school community, sports is a key pillar in the school’s success, which is why they chose to partner with VERVE for to fit-out their state of the art high-performance training facility.

Through our collaborative approach VERVE delivered a full facility solution with high-quality equipment, backed by exceptional support and customer service. The seamless end-to-end process removed the typical distraction from the effort and let the coaching team focus on inspiring and guiding the students so they could reach their full potential.
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UNI FITNESS, a unique and well-rounded gym facility at Griffith University is more than your expected campus gym. It embodies a variety of functional equipment, group fitness studios, spinning rooms and HIIT training, while still offering the traditional cardio set-up that you would expect from a full-service gym. UNI Fitness not only offers quality fitness education but also focuses on how to correctly execute each movement through actual training.

VERVE partnered with UNI FITNESS to supply all their foundational pieces of equipment for their full-service gym. With its high-level training requirements and a regular membership that exceeds 1500 people, it is only to be expected that Uni Fitness would have high expectations in their choice of equipment and its supplier. From premium equipment to professional service, and excellent after-sales support, VERVE became the obvious choice.

Through VERVEs efficiency, enthusiasm, and vitality with the initial fit-out, UNI Fitness was able to focus on inspiring and training the students, supporting them in their journey in fitness and health.


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Our team has a wealth of experience from across the fitness, health, wellness, sports, institutional and education spaces, allowing us to help you skip the complexities so you can focus on deliver on the dream.

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