Be kind to the Earth

Be kind to the Earth

The trees are our lungs.
The rivers our circulation.
The air our breath.
And the Earth our body.


Plastic pollution is one of the most significant environmental issues affecting our planet. Plastic debris can be found in oceans, rivers, and even in remote areas of the earth. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and is often mistaken for food by precious wildlife.

VERVE are heading in a more sustainable direction via the use of RECYCLED Packaging materials in our warehouse. Tapes, wrapping and clips are made from biodegradable sources when available.


Trees can, like sponges, help sequester carbon and thereby reduce the impact of man-made CO2 emissions. Locally, trees provide habitat for wildlife, food for people and animals, and stabilise the soil.

VERVE has partnered with ReForest Now to directly impact the local environment through native species reforestation and regeneration initiatives.

ReForest Now plant trees in cleared land once a tropical and subtropical forest
in Far North Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Reforestation in these areas is essential to support the region’s biodiversity and expand the forests for long-term survival.

Together we are bringing the land back to its native state.

ReForest Now was created and sustained by the need for a comprehensive not-for-profit model of reforestation and regeneration in Australia. All of the trees we planted were in the ground within weeks of collecting do- nations, and there is no better organisation with such a grassroots focus as ReForest Now. Their seed collection, germinating and cultivation facilityin Mullumbimby can maximise their impact by remaining hyper-local and focused on making our collective future a green one.


The sun brings life to our planet and provides free and clean, abundant energy. With more power than we can ever possibly use, the only question is how we can use this resource to make a difference. Some members of VERVE have decided to take the lead by choosing to drive electric cars and use solar to ensure emissions-free travel and charging. Everyone’s contribution to sustainability is different, but every contribution is valuable.


VERVE has begun to curate a unique collection of products made with recycled plastics and other materials in an ongoing effort to explore how we can embrace conscientious products throughout our offering.

Better for you, better for us, better for the planet and what’s better than turning 50 discarded plastic bottles into a gym bag!

Once cleaned and shredded, the 50 bottles are formed, stretched, and made into a high-quality, water-resistant fabric that is expertly transformed into our new bag. But we are looking for other ways to do better. Our new hat is 100% recycled polyester, and our warehouse is moving to 100% recycled paper packaging and paper shipping bags.

It is still paramount to deliver on our promises of high quality and durability, but we are passionate that every step we take should be one towards a more sustainable future (our product development is no exception).

VERVE Infinity Gym Bag

100% Recycled Materials