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We are passionate supporters of the fitness franchising model and we’re proud to be an equipment supplier for some of the biggest brands in the functional space. Each brand is a collection of passionate people who have chosen to deliver successful, sustainable, and exciting fitness experiences with a unique vision in-mind and we’re the support crew who can bring that to life.

Starting a single facility from zero is no easy task, setting up a franchise is another level, and that is where our experience comes into play. We integrate into your model to ensure we can offer a solution that can include equipment, delivery, installation, and support – letting you focus on growth while your network is happily humming along.

Your equipment is part of how you present your brand, so the right gear is essential. Customers and franchisees are evaluating your performance as a franchisor at every turn, so your gear needs to be up to the task and ready to deliver the next WOD without fail!

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The team at VERVE is here to help bring your franchise dream into sharp focus. We supply existing franchise locations who need new equipment while working as preferred suppliers for several international functional fitness franchise brands as their single equipment supply, installation and service solution for their locations across Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

Our team has a wealth of experience from across the fitness, health, wellness, sports, institutional and education spaces, allowing us to help you skip the complexities so you can focus on deliver on the dream.

We look forward to collaborating on your first or next project and
helping to bring your vision to life!



The VERVE team is ready to help start your journey or help you achieve your goals. Let's chat about your next project!