We make 5 main Olympic Barbells

  • The Zen Barbell is a fantastic all-round barbell for Olympic lifting and will suit intermediate lifters and light commercial use.
  • The Elite Barbell is forged from high strength steel, features 10 needle bearings to ensure impeccable spin and long lifespan and might be only barbell many lifters will ever need.
  • The Elite Cerakote Barbell is the same high-end Elite bar, with a stunning red cerakote finish on the shaft and a black cerakote finish on the sleeves.
  • The Power Barbell is designed for the serious powerlifter. It comfortably handles up to 2,000lbs, features a thicker 29mm shaft on the men's bar and has a centre knurling for better grip on back squats.
  • The MAVRIK Barbell is a great barbell for home use.

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