Meet the team.

We are a company run by athletes designing premium equipment to help athletes perform at their best.  Every single person in our company from the bookkeeper to warehouse staff has a passion for fitness and works out regularly.


Niall Wogan


Jacqueline Wogan

Chief of Staff

Michael Robinson

Chief Financial Officer

Pedro Semiao

Head of Sales

Tim Ford

Chief Design Officer

Giuseppe Tappi

Operations Manager

Hine Voyce

Assistant Accountant

Renee Stephenson

Marketing Manager

Julen Arrizabalaga Gonzalez

eCommerce Coordinator

Josh Lui

Content Creator & Coordinator

Monica Neves

Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Susie Liu

Procurement Officer

Martina Sala

Procurement Administrator

Michael Himona

Jr. Industrial Designer

Paul Smyth

Commercial Sales Executive

Laura Paul

Sales Team Leader

Craig Eather

Sales Executive

Daniel Donskoi

Sales Executive

Gabriel Pinciara

Sales Executive

Shanan Wood

Sales Executive

Matthew Gerdan

Procurement / Quality Control

Dylan Moffitt

Warehouse Supervisor

Toby Steinweiss

Warehouse Assistant

Jai Anastasio

WH Casual Assistant

Jordan Egan

WH Casual Assistant

Alexander Medley

WH Casual Assistant

Maik Lima

WH Casual Assistant

Samuel Olival

WH Casual Assistant

Scott Alomes

WH Casual Assistant