VERVE Athlete | Miguel Infante Audino

A native of Calabozo, Venezuela, Audino has been involved in sport from a young age. Karate, baseball & basketball all featured heavily in his childhood though none as dominant as his love for Soccer.

Audino’s explosive engine comes from decades in the sport.  He represented both his middle and high schools in Soccer as well as the State Soccer Team between the ages of 14 and 15. Additionally, he also played Soccer in Caracas in the State League. 

A nomadic spirit, Audino has lived around the globe, calling Chile, USA, Ireland and Spain as “home”. It was in February 2017, when Audino drank the Kool Aid and  attended his first CrossFit WOD in Boston; knowing then that he was forever hooked! On moving to Dublin, Ireland- Audino was quickly a member of the Competitor Team in CrossFit Swords. 

Although Audino has formally qualified as an accountant, his true passion is CrossFit.  Recently, Audino has added the title of Coach to his repertoire after having completed his Level 1 CrossFit certification. 

Currently residing in Madrid, Miguel has begun his coaching life in several gyms across the city. Here at Team VERVE, we are excited to see what Miguel can achieve in 2019 and thrilled to be part of it.


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