VERVE Athlete | Christopher Lavelle

Christopher Lavelle is an international CrossFit athlete who has proven to be a consistent podium finisher. Lavelle’s most recent medals were won at both the Blanchardstown Throwdown and the Apollo Cup.  

Standing tall at 180cm, Lavelle is not a one trick pony.  In addition to competing out of CrossFit Swords, he also passes on his skills and know-how to others daily as Box Manager and Coach. Lavelle has an impressive work capacity with history as a competitive cyclist and runner. He’s known in his local box as “Lavelle the Gazelle” for a reason!

Being one of Ireland’s top 15 male athletes in the 2018 CrossFit Games Open isn’t something that happens overnight! In fact, there’s no better candidate to attack and relish the work! With an impressive sub 2:30 Fran, Lavelle is no stranger to heavy weights, whilst revving a finely tuned engine. For example, Lavelle chalks up a 200kg Dead Lift and a mighty 120kg Clean and Jerk!

With a high hitting qualifier already under his belt for The Castle Games, Lavelle will be wearing VERVE proudly across his chest and we couldn’t be happier!

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