Included in this bundle:

VERVE Zen Storage Package - 6 Shelf

Storage being a crucial part of any home or commercial gym, we have created some pre-set packages to help you store your equipment with our Modular Storage Systems. This bundle includes:

  • 3x Modular Storage Upright 1.80m
  • 2x Rack Ball Holder 1.80m
  • 2x Rack Dumbbell Holder 1.80m
  • Rack Kettlebell Holder 1.80m
  • Rack Plate Holder 1.80m

Contact our Customer Service team if you would like to make any changes to the package or Build Your Own Storage Rack.

Note: The VERVE Rack Kettlebell Holder will perfectly fit the VERVE Kettlebell Classic Handle, but it won't fit the VERVE Competition Kettlebells. Please contact our Customer Service team if unsure.