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Bumper Plates - Olympic Size

VERVE is Australia's largest supplier of Olympic Bumper Plates with a wide range of equipment to support your fitness goals and reach your potential.


What is an Olympic bumper plate?

Olympic Bumper Plates are Olympic size weight plates made of iron or steel and covered with thick rubber to protect the steel or iron core. It's widely used in CrossFit and Olympic Lifting.

Iron Plates VS Bumper Plates

Iron Plates will give you powerful and hard feel while the bumper plate will give you protection on flooring, actual plates and your own body. Iron plates are usually a lower cost option for budget lifters. Choose your adventure. Need help choosing the right plates for you? Check out the Ultimate Weight Plate Buying Guide.

What are the benefits of Olympic Bumper Plates?

The big benefit of Olympic Bumper Plates are protection and safety. It will protect your barbell, your floor and plates from damage during lifting and will keep you away from big injuries as you will be able to drop the bar when lifting heavy.

What type of Olympic Bumper Plates are there?

The are three main types of them: the Standard black ones, the Olympic Colour Bumper Plates and the Calibrated Competition Bumper Plates.

At VERVE, safety is our number one priority. For this reason, all of our gym equipment is put through rigorous quality assurance testing and has state-of-the-art safety features. You won't find a better quality Olympic Bumper Plates on the market!

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