VERVE Commercial Half Rack | Assembly Video

VERVE Commercial Half Rack | Assembly Video

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Assembly Video for VERVE Commercial Half Rack 

VERVE Commercial Half Rack

VERVE Commercial Half Rack

$1,399 $1,499

The new upgraded VERVE Commercial Half Rack is the perfect companion for anyone who trains with free weights and is keen to save a bit of space. Designed to withstand the use (and abuse) of even the busiest gym, the VERVE… read more

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys, welcome back to another VERVE Assembly video today.

We're going to be assembling the commercial half rack with

the West Side spacing.

I'll take you through each part how I've got it laid out

on the floor and the way we're going to assemble it and which

bolts to use in the correct order.

So you can follow along with your half rack home.

So the first step, the way I got it laid out here, we're

going to install the bottom frame first with one bracket

on each side.

So they're going to go like this.

And what you'll see in the Bolt pack, we've got twelve of

these M 16 bolts that are slightly longer than the 16 of

the shorter ones.

So if you can see one is slightly shorter.

These longer ones are for when we're going through the brackets.

So we're going to have twelve in total.

So we're going to start with the longer ones for this bottom

bracket. The tools that I'm using, I'm using a 24 mm socket.

And then you can either use a wrench on the other side or

if you have another extra socket, you can use that for Imperial.

It's 15,16 of an inch, and we'll just finger tighten them

for now until we get the bottom frame complete.

And then we'll go around and tighten go and same on the other

side. And now that we've got the four on, we're going to

go through and tighten those to get the bottom frame solid

just like that.

So they can't go anymore.

And all the nuts have the Lock tight as well.

So they're not going to come loose at any point.

And that's nice and tight.

So the next step we are going to do, we're going to go through

the back upright.

These are going to be the shorter upright.

So you got two here.

We're going to go through the shorter one numbers facing

the front in a place that there and we'll get our bolts ready

and then you can stand it up.

And if you have another person to hold it while you put the

Bolt through, that will be recommended.

This is going to be the shorter Bolt set because there's

only one bracket on one side.

Now up right here, I can see the holes that are going through

and just FingerTight.

So you get both bolts through.

Now that we have both of these sides on, we're going to do

the larger upside side with the brackets on each side.

So I'm going to prepare the longer bolts for this one.

I'm going to need all four for each side.

So eight in total, the remaining large ones, four on each

side, eight washes on each side.

Now for the next part, I do recommend that you get someone

to help you with the uprights because we are dealing with

the taller ones and they can be quite heavy.

So I got Toby here.

I'm going to hold the brackets.

He's going to hold the upright for me.

And we're just going to place the bolts through so you can

place the brackets into the bottom first, but you don't want

to tighten them completely.

And now, as Toby put this in place, I'll just feed the bolts

through. So now that we have this one in with the bolts,

just finger tight, we are going to leave them loose to be

able to get the small cross beam in.

You can have VERVE facing in or VERVE facing out.

So we're going to get the bolts and see, since it's loose,

we're going to be able to place that in there.

So we'll get the bolts ready.

And it's recommended that you have an assistant help you

with this part, too, so you can both hold up right and get

the bolts.

So it can be quite tricky with one person.

So it's going to go through hole 51 and 48.

And while he holds that, there is just going to FingerTight

all the bolts and nothing can slip off.

And then they're going to go through the top holes of the

back upright.


So now that we've got the cross beam on, we're going to go

through and tighten the whole bottom section, get that solid.

And then we'll move on to the next side.

So we'll be tightening the bottom bracket first and then

the upright, and then we'll tighten this top section.

So now that that's all tight, we've tightened everything

on that side.

We're going to replicate everything we did.

But for the left side.

All right.

Now that we've got both sides the same and they're all completely

tight, what we're going to do is we're going to do the pull

up bar for the last bit.

So we got four bolts remaining of the shorter ones.

And I was going to get my assistant just to just move the

rack side.

Just push each side out so you can get the pull up bar into

position. If you don't have anyone to help you, you can just

leave one side a little bit loose and then get the pull up

bar in that way and you can adjust the height, whatever height

that you want to.

I'm going to put it on the top setting on the furthest Bolt

and on 54.

I'm just going to finger tight these ones put in place and

same on the other side.

So now that's in position, just finger tight, we'll just go

ahead and tighten it, and that's going to be everything completely

tightened up.

All right.

Everything is tightened up and ready to go.

We're just going to put on the accessories that you'll get

with it.

So you'll have the safety pins that you can set to whatever

exercise you're doing.

So we'll put those in.

So you're going to slide it in from the front.

First we're going to go to number 20, then get it slightly

in a little bit, and then the safety pipe is going to go

over the pin to protect it.

Line it up with the corresponding number on the back.

Same on the other side.

And there we go.

We're going to put the J hooks on now.

Final touch.

And that's it.


You're ready to train.

Thanks for joining.

From the assembly video of the commercial half rack with

Westside Spacing thank you very much.

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