VERVE Athlete | Freddy Hughes

VERVE's British athlete Freddy HUGHES has a long list of achievements and a skyscraper full of goals to reach in the very near and distant future.

This inspiring teen has been crowned French surfboat Champion, rowed a double marathon for Telethon(charity) and is a Certified Lifeguard. Not surprisingly, he competes regularly in triathlons.

His sporting dedication so early in his career has so far been a benefit to a number of high profile charities, and he’s not stopping any time soon.

On 5th August 2019, VERVE athlete, HUGHES, will start with swimming the English Channel. Following on from that, he intends to swim around Corsica. HUGHES will be the first person in the world to achieve such a feat.

HUGHES intends to obtain the Guinness World Record for cycling for the longest period around a track without stopping, as well as taking part in several triathlons throughout Europe.

Is there anything this guys can’t do – we don’t think so, do you?

HUGHES – dreamer, doer, deliverer #hesgotverve

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