VERVE Celebrating International Women's Day

VERVE Celebrating International Women's Day

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This month, we celebrate the women in our life on International Women's Day. We celebrate each personal journey & achievement, showing that everything great comes from a decision to move forward, lift heavy, sweat more, be greater than you were yesterday! 

A healthy body & mind empowers us to be better.

Celebrate this International Women's Day with our top tips to keep a healthy body & mind!

Fuel your body right

We all know, balance is the key to life, and this carries true in the world of nutrition. In order to feel your best, you need to fuel your body with nutritious food. 

Carbs are the preferred source of energy that fuel the body & the brain, protect our muscles, and support good bacteria in the gut. These should form a quarter of your plate in every meal when choosing carbs like wholewheat rice, bread, pasta, dairy & other grains. 

Unprocessed, healthy carbs known as vegetables & fruits must form half your plate per meal, filling you up & providing a variety of nutrients your body needs.

Proteins are known as the important building blocks for our bodies, used to repair & build tissue, build and support muscles, to name a few. Proteins should consist of at least a quarter of your plate and are found in meat, chicken, eggs, dairy, nuts, beans, tofu and fish.

Fats are the final, important building blocks to a healthy diet, and help the body absorb vitamins and regulate hormones. Fats provide energy and protect the organs. These should be used sparingly and included in small amounts in each meal.

A good diet consists of balance, so 80% clean eating, 20% relaxed eating. However, if you are training, and lifting those weights, make sure you fuel your body the right way.

Be more mindful

As women, we play many different roles and with this, comes the daily stresses & challenges. 

Practising mindfulness will help empower us, women, with the ability to respond thoughtfully, think clearly and become better problem solvers, so we can be the best version of ourselves in every situation. Mindful practice is achieved in various ways, through yoga, meditation, and even daily positive affirmations. Daily mindfulness will help strengthen your mind and body. 

Move daily

Whether moving daily is your thing or not, it's important to note, moving daily will ensure you are on the road to success!

Exercise comes in many forms, but making the decision to exercise and move daily, will allow you to be the best version of yourself. Motivation is key to moving & getting fit, so why not discover what works for you & begin moving today. It could be walking 10 000 steps, doing yoga, going on a cycle, hitting that gym and even falling in love with lifting weights! Whatever you choose, do it today and get moving! After all, 1 hour a day is literally 4% of your day. What's your excuse?

Set realistic goals 

Setting goals is the difference between success and failure! According to Benjamin Franklin, “Success doesn't happen by accident”.

Setting goals for your everyday life is crucial to moving forward and growing! Whether it's to move up the corporate ladder, be a better partner, be a more available Mom, lose weight or start lifting weights. Without some realistic goals and milestones in place, achieving success may be difficult. 

Plan and set small milestones, that will accumulate to the big objective and achieve your main goal!

As women, we don't always take the time to set goals and take time for ourselves but starting small even if it's only 30 mins a day, is all we need to start! Now, get up off your couch and hit some goals!

Lift weights

Much like Peanut butter & Jelly, lifting weights is essential for a healthy body. Whether it's lifting in the gym or at home, the benefits are endless!

From improving cardio performance, becoming stronger, more toned, offering protection for your bones, improving your metabolism, and burning fat, even when you aren’t working out.  

Convinced yet? Now step out of those comfort zones, and gain something great!

Lift what you can but start lifting.

To all our special Women in our life, move daily and stay healthy, as this is the key to a beautiful and long life ahead, Happy International Women's Day.

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