VERVE Athlete | Lucia Delle Noci - Australia's Strongest Woman '18

Australia’s Strongest Woman 2018 set to reach new heights with VERVE.

Strength comes in many forms.  Physical strength is the obvious with Delle Noci listing impressive stats such as a 180kg back squat, 85 kg bench press and 210kg dead lift with a 72kg bodyweight.

Delle Noci is the 2x middleweight division champion at the most recent Australian Arnold Championship and while there she broke a National Atlas stone record by lifting a cement stone weighing 140kg. Her impressive mental strength and focus became evident as she had a mere 10 mins to contemplate and execute her challenge. Delle Noci also holds Log Press records (95kg) and can Clean and Jerk 100kg.

Throughout high school, Delle Noci has always been involved in sports. In particular - Basketball and Netball. She started getting heavily involved in weight training in 2011 when she moved over to Australia on her own at the tender age of 18 from Singapore.  It was down under that she discovered the Strongman style of training. Everything about it was new and challenging, and Delle Noci was eager to learn more and become a Strongwoman. She had found her calling.  It wasn’t until 2014 that Delle Noci started training and competing against some of the strongest women here in Australia. 

Last year, she claimed the title of the Strongest Woman in Australia after going up against some of the best in the country. Recently, Delle Noci just came back from competing overseas in America at the Arnold World Championship Show where she came 9th out of 17 of the best Strongwomen in the World. While strength training is her main focus, Delle Noci believes in enhancing her fitness levels and lifestyle through cross training with CrossFit. She is strong and agile.

On average, she spends a grueling 2-4 hours at the gym every session, 6 days a week.   A large training load helps sharpen her axe with Delle Noci set to defend her title of Australia’s Strongest Woman in Australia in September.  VERVE are in awe of the strong leading example Delle Noci has shown us; great things are possible with consistency and focus.  A strong force to be reckoned with in and out of the gym; we are honored to support Delle Noci along the way as she embarks on the next exciting phase of her Strongwoman career.

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