Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

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Rubber Hex Dumbbells 

Rubber hex dumbbells are an absolute essential in any home gym setup or commercial gym. Rubber Hex Dumbbells are carefully made from premium, low odour rubber, maintaining its shape and bounciness throughout their life. Unlike some other hex dumbbells, our knurl is very aggressive, making for the most grippy handle possible. 

If you don’t see the size you are looking for above it means they are not in stock at the moment.


  • 1-10kg, 1kg increments with 2.5kg and 7.5kg
  • 12.5-50kg, 2.5kg increments¬†
  • Deep handle knurl

Our rubber hex dumbbells make sure the heads of each dumbbell are attached using friction welding. This friction welding is a highly durable process and makes for most secure fitting for this type of dumbbell. 

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Dimensions 1kg L*W*H: 15*25*9
Dimensions 2kg L*W*H: 16*26*9
Dimensions 2.5kg L*W*H: 26*18*9
Dimensions 3kg L*W*H: 26*18*9
Dimensions 4kg L*W*H: 23*28*10
Dimensions 5kg L*W*H: 23*30*11
Dimensions 6kg L*W*H: 25*31*13
Dimensions 7kg L*W*H: 30*24*10
Dimensions 7.5kg L*W*H: 31*26*12
Dimensions 8kg L*W*H: 31*25*11
Dimensions 9kg L*W*H: 32*25*11
Dimensions 10kg L*W*H: 29*32*15
Dimensions 12.5kg L*W*H: 34*16*15
Dimensions 15kg L*W*H: 18*16*25
Dimensions 17.5kg L*W*H: 36*18*15
Dimensions 20kg L*W*H: 37*18*17
Dimensions 22.5kg L*W*H: 38*18*19
Dimensions 25kg L*W*H: 39*39*19
Dimensions 27.5kg L*W*H: 42*21*22
Dimensions 30kg L*W*H: 40*23*20
Dimensions 32.5kg L*W*H: 40*22*23
Dimensions 35kg L*W*H: 45*22*23
Dimensions 37.5kg L*W*H: 45*23*22
Dimensions 40kg L*W*H: 47*27*23
Dimensions 42.5kg L*W*H: 46*26*24
Dimensions 45kg L*W*H: 46*27*26
Dimensions 47.5kg L*W*H: 47*22*23
Dimensions 50kg L*W*H: 47*23*23
Product Weight: Stated Weight
Shipping Weight: +0.5kg of Stated Weight
Handle Finish: Chrome, Knurled
Rubber: Premium grade
Product Code: VER- HEX 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Matt Gudge
Great quality

They seem to be great quality, I have used them a fair few times already. They’re sturdy and stand up to a bit of throwing around

Vivian Phan

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Steve Holman
Bigger is better

Thanks Verve for the great quality 15 & 20 kg rubber hex Dumbbells. Heavier weights getting better results and more pumped in workouts.

Jenny Incher
Satisfied customer

Quick deliver, arrived safely
Very satisfied
Happy workouts at home everyday!

Emily Freeman

Rubber Hex Dumbbells


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